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Your mission critical data accessible on-demand on-site or in the cloud

VT Enterprise has developed an inherently robust, scalable, user-friendly, and fast solution to handle a financial firm's mission critical trading, reference and market data.

Since Assetcloud is flexibly implemented around your current database(s), it optimally preserves prior IT investments and reduces the cost of the data management. Assetcloud offers unmatched benefits for internal use in data federation as well as for market data or research data vendors.

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Data is at the heart of a financial firm

tradersdesk2Reference data, sometimes also called master or static data, describe all the asset positions of a financial firm and typically reside in one or more databases. As such, the reference data are critical for:

  • Determining asset values (snap shot or time series)
  • Traders who need fast and easy trading blotters
  • Accurate risk assessment and management reporting
  • Quantitative modeling of various investment strategies

However, most reference data approaches present issues

The common place approach for accessing reference data is through the use of (often ad-hoc) queries into the relational database. However, that approach can result in:

  • time delays (e.g. if new database queries need to be written)
  • duplicate copies of the reference data (which in turn can lead to errors)
  • overload or even crashing of the database during heavy demand
  • incorrect reporting due to mistakes in interpreting the database fields

Assetcloud data solution is unique

webcloseupIn essence, VTE's solution replaces database queries by a web type (RESTful) service that is inherently robust, scalable, user-friendly, and accessible.

Moreover, since VTE's reference data solution is built around your current database(s), prior investments in information and IT infrastructure are preserved.

This lean approach reduces the cost and scale of implementing the reference data platform, while at the same time providing an unmatched number of advantages.

Assetcloud provides many advantages


  • Leverages scalability of cloud computing but leaves the original data in place (built around what you already have)
  • Provides adequate caching (thus preventing database overloads)
  • The interface is user friendly, responsive, and fast
  • A single interface is provided to multiple databases (while maintaining full user access control)
  • Integrates with a search engine to easily let users retrieve otherwise hard-to-info data
  • Supports both the end-user tools such as Excel and programming applications including MapReduce
  • Read/Write access promotes data cleansing in context of the user

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