VT Enterprise's services include the deployment of expert software consultants and turnkey IT project management for financial institutions like banks, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms.

By working with VTE, financial firms gain access to programmers and developers proficient in an impressive array of technologies, in addition to efficient project managers which ensure that projects are completed on time, all without adding to your permanent headcount.

VTE is the ideal partner for you for a wide range of IT projects

  • Development of trading systems, strategy tools, risk management systems, pricing models, as well as transaction and P&L databases

  • Implementation of reference data solutions, market data feeds and third-party products

  • Migration of (relational) databases, cross-system C/C++ porting, and web applications porting

  • Testing, debugging, and documentation of applicationsthat require maintenance and fine tuning

Managed Projectsteambw

VTE's Agile project management approach is the key to delivering results on time and within budget. We can design, develop, and implement entire IT projects for you.

  • VTE is focused on the financial services industry and thus is intimately familiar with the technological demands of firms such as banks and hedge funds.

  • VTE's agile software development delivers software in quick iterative cycles, which allows us to rapidly incorporate feedback as well as complete projects on time and within budget.

  • VTE can lend a helping hand as your company grows and adapts to changing climates by providing staffing services as well as specific IT project management.

  • VTE prides itself on a unique way of working— some customers have compared us to the "Delta Force," taking a cue from our rapid development pace and satisfactory results.

Scrum diagram

Individual Specialist Consultants

VTE can readily provide IT consultants that excel in developing software built with the financial industry's preexisting applications in mind.

VTE supports a large range of technologies

Financial Systems Operating systems Programming languages Databases Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web development
Bloomberg Windows Python Oracle REST HTML5
Murex Unix C/C++ MS SQL Server SOAP Ajax
Summit Linux Java Sybase NGINX Django
Charles River FreeBSD Clojure PostgreSQL Tomcat PHP
Calypso CoreOS C# MySQL jBoss Java Server Pages
Martini Javascript MS Access Active Server Pages
Front Arena Excel/VBA MongoDB Node.js

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