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slashdb-diagram/db (SlashDB) is our core software product and the basis for our custom Assetcloud solutions for data management in financial institutions.

/db automatically makes RESTful API out of relational databases so that their content becomes accessible to autorized web, mobile and enterprise applications as well as search engines and even end-users. /db has broad applicability and works with all major relational database systems (RDBMS).

To learn about custom implementations of /db for reference data management, Resource Oriented Architecture solutions for improving pricing transparency, secure platform for data exchange with counterparties and other solutions for banks, hedge funds, asset management firms and other financial firms, please see Solutions section of this website.

To learn more about the /db technology please visit its dedicated product website at slashdb.com:

  • technical aspects of the product
  • applications in cloud and on premises
  • live demo


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